About US

Hello friends, Thanks a lot for your interest in knowing about besttipsbd.com. I am Mohammad: Masum Billah (Ripon) Diploma Medical Assistant (DMA) and a Registered Pharmacist and the person who has helped me throughout is my elder brother Md. Masood Roni (a web developer). By the grace of Allah and with the help of Masood Bhai, I am trying my best to establish this website (Health and Human Services).

What is our (health and human services) purpose?

Our main objective is to serve people. We all know that keeping the body healthy is very important to live well. And to keep the body healthy, it is necessary to have various health related knowledge. So we have been publishing various health related articles since the beginning of 2019 to inform the readers about health.

We publish various and very important health related articles for our visitors like benefits of healthy food, harmful effects of unhealthy food, benefits of exercise, benefits of yoga exercise, beauty tips etc.

We always refrain from giving wrong information to the reader. We study and recharge any information, even complex and difficult issues by consulting experts and then share. May our readers benefit from it. Also, we always appreciate the reader’s valuable time.

So we publish every article very carefully so that no confusion is created among our readers and the valuable time of the reader is not wasted. We believe in “Health and Human Services” to make it easier for a person to live a healthy life.

We have established the besttipsbd.com website as an educational, informative and online service provider Trying my best. Our main aim is to create a good online service organization by sharing latest articles about gym, yoga, healthy food, health tips etc.

We believe, our efforts will be considered worthwhile only when our readers are successful in solving their desired problems from the information provided by us. Their standard of living will improve.


If you want to know more or have any additional questions or need more information or if you want to give us any new information then feel free to contact us through the contract us form or through this email [email protected]. Hopefully, with your sincere support, we can take our website to a better position in the future “Inshallah”.